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Multiflora Local English Raw Honey

Multiflora Local English Raw Honey

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100% Pure Raw Honey Unfiltered ,Unheated Unpasteurized. Multiflora local raw honey is a blend of honey from various floral sources. Multiflora honey has a unique flavor from a variety of flower nectar,this honey has the combined properties various uni floral honey. It contains life-supporting vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring enzymes. Raw honey is only strained before it's bottled, which means it retains most of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that it naturally contains.Our Honey is collected from our hives in Warlingham and also from the Surrounding areas in Surrey. How to store your honey? There is no need to store honey in the fridge, it will stay fresh if you keep it tightly sealed and away from direct sunlight. Please note,all pure honey will eventually crystallise. Warning: Do not feed to infant under 1 year age.

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